patio bendable curtain tracks

Patio Bendable Curtain Tracks

Bendable Curtain Track

Display your curtains don't just hang them!

Behind every great curtain solution is a great way to hang it up. Our curtain tracks allow panel curtains to span any length and even go around corners. Our versatile curtain tracks have a corner solution, too, and offer many choices of finial to complete the look. The hardware may be simple, but the possibilities are almost endless. The main difference between curtain tracks and curtain rods is major, first is the cost rods can run anywhere from $25-$400 that's not including the extra hardware such as the decorative knobs and the finish, with that being said just compare with The Flex Tracks. Flex Tracks are sold by feet and you can customize to whatever size you need and divide to each room. 2nd factor is look; do you want a cleaner look without crimping and scrunching? With Flex tracks you can achieve any look for a fraction of the cost.

Bendable Curtain Standard duty kit
standard duty kit bathroom bendable curtain tracsk

Bathroom Bendable Curtain Tracks

Bay Windown Curtain Tracks

Bay Windown Curtain Tracks

Benefits of using Bendable Curtain Tracks

  • Highly Bendable: Bends to any angle to fit the layout and shape of a curvature; works for straight lines too.
  • Smooth Gliding: Carries substantial load-bearing capacity of 32 lbs per foot with 4 rollers for standard duty track
  • Noiseless: Ball-bearing rollers minimize running friction
  • Solid and Durable: Patented structural design; made with exceptional-quality materials and a superior finish
  • Easy to Handle and Store: Transportable or store-able in rolls
Round Window with bendable curtain tracks

Round ceiling with bendable curtain track + easy valance system

bendable Standard duty kit
Medium duty kit

Stop obstructing your view find a solution with Bendable Curtain Tracks

medium duty kit Bendable Curtain Tracks

Bendable Curtain Tracks

Circular enclosure for Spa

Circular enclosure for Spa

Bedroom privacy with Bendable curtain tracks

Bedroom privacy with Bendable curtain tracks

medium duty kit